North Rome tours

Rome historical center and tours in the north Lazio region when nature call!!!

1st day: recommend (get bus 301,stop Cassia Thomb of Nero) direction to Piazza Augusto Imperatore, (historic center) visit the Ara Pacis, Spanish steps, Villa Medici, The Trevi Fountain, Piazza del Collegio Nazareno, Via Condotti, Via Frattina, Via del Corso (also a nice way) dedicated to a cute and cheap shopping;

2nd day: driving along the Via Cassia towards North, head into the low and high Tuscia and reach the Terme dei Papi (sulfure ferrous and warm waters make for a beautiful day at the Roman thermal baths, this site spa resort is very nice with tanks ancient Roman era, lawn, sun loungers, restaurants and cafes of various levels, natural caves for the bathroom situation. Delicious and at the same time you will begin to know the real treasures of Rome and Lazio Nord. A report of a lovely restaurant La Felicetta with excellent pasta carbonara. More in the area there are many BB in case you decide to spend a night out. The obvious presence of the Etruscans and the Romans have left a very significant imprinting; spend beyond 4 hours and then let your swimsuit and plan to return to Rome, stopping in the woods in the Imperial Valley, for a walk (they are also wonderful location for mountain biking); visit the very ancient Citta 'di Sutri with little church of cloistered nuns who spread their prayers without being views, and the occasional visitor will find himself in an atmosphere of other times, mystical and spiritual being); go to the church of San Francesco and then reach the the Cathedral: absolutely not to miss a visit to the Crypt (go down a few steps and you will see something wonderful: a mix of columns and capitals wisely distributed, an altar) in the Romanesque style. A nice ice cream in one of the lovely square or a fine piece of pizza baker. Then you reach the ancient necropolis below with Mithras, the Catacombs, the Amphitheatre which rest in the beautiful countryside below and you are already on the Via Francigena. On the way back you browse the market on the roadside the brick and brack Mercante in Fiera hunting for some curios, paintings, objects will .... in the late afternoon at home very satisfied, I'm sure;

3rd day: this day is absolutely dedicated to the visit of the area of ​ ​St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums (book always) also the Gardens of the Vatican Museums, and if you can not resist the temptation to go for shopping around in the afternoon, join Via Cola di Rienzo, if you are in Via Cola di Rienzo do not forget the ice cream shop in Via dei Gracchi because I presume to say which is one of the best of Rome, or to eat a suppli' Siciliano at Mondo Arancina or Mizzica. Many Food sicilian point are very pop in Rome, with regard to both the food and pastries. You can bear to St. Peter's with the 201 bus to the Metro / FGR Rome Largo Giustiniana, which also stops at San Pietro station, departures every 15 minuti.Idem to return back, or taking buses till Ponte Milvio Bridge and from there get on bus 32 direction Piazza Risorgimento (the Vatican); The visit to the Vatican Museums is long and challenging because of the superb size of the structure, and also of the Gardens and the Sistine Chapel, but I would say indispensable, to those who love the Sacred Art;

4th day: one more trip outside Rome with the Treasures of the North Lazio: Bracciano Lake (and in summer for swimming) with his three village of Anguillara, Trevignano, and Bracciano, beautiful landscapes and picturesque corners of medieval villages, all to be photographed, with the backdrop of the Sabatini Mountains, overlooking Lake Bracciano and Lake Martignano (not very well marked but i prefer it even to the other one). Many and vaious restaurants with lake fish and various tastings. Landscapes not to be missed out in Bracciano Castle of the Princes Odescalchi. The day is over and you can go home for dinner. There are several restaurants around this house as the Osteria La Francescana, the Biology Life Pizzeria, La Capannina, the Egyptian, Pizza baked pizzas, (deliver it at home), or you can make your barbecue in the garden if you like, according with season);

5th day: I know you can not wait to see the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, so get on the bus 201 from Via Cassia, direction Piazza Mancini , (near Auditorium and Museum Maxi) and reach Piazza Venezia using the tramway, electric bus that runs along via del Corso and arrive in Piazza Venezia: the day is entirely dedicated to this area, or is always reachable with bus 301 living from Via Cassia Stop Tomba di Nerone until Piazza Augusto Imperatore and then walk!!!!!;

6th Day: Treasures of the Lazio-Rome, Veio Park, the village of Isola Farnese, with the romantic waterfalls of Mola, the old village of Santa Maria di Galeria, (where there is also a restaurant), head to the Park Treja Valley (go to the waterfalls of Monte Gelato), Valley Park Baccano with a view to the villages of Formello and campagnano romano, and finally reach the medieval town of Calcata also known as the village of artists, much" in fashion" since the '80: really a vista point......... and many small restaurants, lively especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the houses are built in the rocks;

7th day: You cannot say to a tourist not to go for a walk to Trastevere and then if you want to see the area go to Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere; please use the Metro Train Station / Largo Giustinianand get off at Stazione Trastevere, visited Trastevere you can go to to see the Isola Tiberina, Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori, "the plus of Rome" for anyone who arrives in Rome especially for the first time.The historic and popular restaurants of Trastevere are Carlo Menta (with great prices ) and Comparone.

8th Day: Treasures of the Lazio-Roma Nord .The tour that I propose today is another visit to Tuscia, north of Rome, along the Cassia (we are in Viterbo area), lake, rural,with a visit to the ancient city Civita di Bagnoregio also called the dead city, with its beautiful bridge climbing the tancient towun, and Montefiascone, Simbruini surrounding with views of Lake Bolsena; in Montefiascone tasted the wine est est est of Montefiascone. I have omitted other details you will find nothing but venturing them alone, because the remote corners and suggestive in this area are still many to be discovered because there is no mass tourism.

9th day. The North Sea part of Rome. The beaches of Maccarese, and Fregene (Rome North West) are very large and very well equipped, some of them have swimming pools on the beach for those who do not want to swim in the sea, beach, restaurants generally have a good standard and you eat in the sun on beach .Most of them are private beach, but there are also areas of public beach where you do not pay anything; Roman people are great fan, so I recommend not to attend them on Saturday and Sunday; you can easily reach from the Great ring road Roma, exit Aurelia; nice village and beach the resort of Santa Severa and Santa Marinella, with the huge Castello Odesclachi on the beach; At the height of Ladispoli and precisely in Palo stop for lunch at a tavern on the edge of the road, his name is Augusto also known as "the king of artichokes" ..... prices slightly above average but everything is homemade, including fettuccine rolling pin to flatten and fresch fish;

10th day: Just what you can not 'leave out "is the Borghese Museum in Rome, situated between the Parioli hill and Valle Giulia (if you have more' time do not miss the Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, is for me the jewel in Rome , along with the wonders of the Park, busts, statues, the Pincio and Piazza del Popolo, Piazza del Popolo entering (this part is called Tridente), I report the first church on the left with frescoes by Caravaggio.

11th Day: Treasures of the Lazio Roma Nord, 60 km "Tuscia" The Lake of Vico, The Monti Cimini, Caprarola; Vico lake is situated along the Cassia Veintana also known as Cassia Bis, always to the north of Rome: the landscape of this volcanic lake is amazing, you stop at Riva Verde area with lawn and deck for sunbathing, games children, coffee, green. Charming area, clear water to swim.A nice swimming and continuetill to the point Belvedere, always following the path of lake (Vico is the name of a noble feudal family), the view from an altitude already considerable is gorgeous, 360 degrees view), we continue by car until to Caprarola, a surprise, with the Convent of the Carmelites, imposing and majestic close to the mountain, we continue to admire the beautiful Palazzo Farnese, country house, (the homonymous family owner of the Palazzo Farnese in Rome, near Campo dei Fiori); The building has 4 level, pentagonal, frescoes, stairways, stables, the Italian gardens, truly a gem not to be missed, the delightful village of Caprarola with its ancient palaces and numerous restaurants: L'Osteria del Cimino. On the way back to Rome takes you through the lush countryside that winds through the cultivation of hazelnut trees and crops with direct sale of products of the farmer and local cheeses such as pecorino romano.Delicious cream of nuts: you can compose also your bonbons at home mixed two ingredients you will obtain same falvour of gianduiotti and baci perugina,amazing!!!

12th day: Rome gastronomic excursion to Eatealy, one of the building of food, with 4 floors dedicated to food tastings divided by several different sectors and food prices, meat, fish, cheese, vegetables etc .... in every floor fo your menu ,lunch,dinner, teatime, and large market with all the specialties..... if you want to buy something special ...... amazing. Reach this site with FG3 Metro / train from Largo Giustiniana and get off at Ostiense station, (in front of Eataly). In this day you can add a Sunday morning visit to the great and fun antiques market and bazaar Portaportese. The line Train FG3 is a way to move very quickly avoiding topass from downtown.The connection with the Metro A of this train is at Valle Aurelia which then takes you everywhere ...... for fan of the of Metro service. Metro service in Rome is small but quite good.
"What do you eat in Rome: not having at the back a great culinary tradition, what was used in ancient times' that came from Slaughterhouse, although today the Roman cuisine is revisited and also international, the great Italian chefs continue to produce real wonders ... . Pasta alla carbonara, pasta with cheese and pepper, pasta alla Amatriciana, (not born in Rome but of Amatrice) (province of Rieti), but it was endorsed, the artichokes, artichokes alla romana, tripe, saltimbocca alla romana, potato dumplings, semolina gnocchi, pizza and ice cream of course, ultimately a simple and delicious dishes, there are also many other restaurants with specialties from other Italian regions such as Abruzzo and Sicily that it is a good opportunity to try it."

13th day: Treasure of Lazio North Rome is a visit to Lake Bolsena ( Bolsena Lake), no doubt the village that has captured my attention is the village of Marta, overlooking the small peninsula of Capodimonte, you must visit, you walk along the promenade and you look at the fishmongers selling fish from the lake as the specialty of the lattarini, tiny fish, which are served fried, eat all the fried lattarino even the tail! Miralago restaurant: we had lunch there and we enjoyed our time: the people live in a dimension more 'slow" and simple, and the people are very friendly, as less stressed! Continuing along the lake I bought the red and white wine of the area that is called the Hills Marsh Etruscan Viterbo, with very particular taste very dry and "sweet "at same time: ; Capodimonte has a very beautiful church with a view on this wonderful lago.Se if you decide to spend the night out there are many farmhouses. The third village we visited is Montefiscone, notable the dome of the cathedral with the huge nativity scene, for the rest of the country this austere and very old, without a great view of the lake. (the distance for this trip is is 95 km, but it's worth it), especially for the village of Marta and her poetry. Even Bolsena town is beautiful if you have time, of course.

14th day: Roma, Ponte Milvio Bridge-Auditorium Parco della Musica, Maxxi Museum, Foro Italico Complex, University of Sport, IUMS; easily reachable in 15 minutes by bus; at night Ponte Milvio on the week end is a point for the movida with a large nightlife bar and restaurants.

15th Day:Treasures of Latium north of Rome: can not miss it absolutely a visit to "Villa Lante" in Bagnaia Village: papal summer residence of high-level popular in ancient times by a succession of popes who used this residence for hunting and villa for relax and friends, theitalian gardens and a series of games of water and fountains will be amazing really,encahnting and elegant for their extraordinary beauty; continue to Bagnoregio and Civita di Bagnoregio also called the dying city, perched on a mountain of tufa and accessible from a suspension bridge over astunning landscape. You can have lunch in Bagnoregio, Restaurant the Ancient Rota and I recommend the beans dusted with black truffle typical of the area and the rabbit flavored with wild fennel, or suckling pig in a crust of bread; prices more than honest, the room anice and clean and well decorated: a beautiful day! You can leave out the routes to the north of Rome, but if you have a bit 'of time and you're on vacation, we recommeend to do it, otherwise I assure you will miss so much! T If you decide to visit this part of Lazio Nord buy the nut cream, white and dark chocolate, craft beers Cassia and the Francigena, the olive oil quality canine typical of Tuscia, cheese, salami , the lavander of the southern Maremma, very interesting!

Have a lovely stay in Rome and our LAZIO region, the northern part!