Rome apartments

Rent apartments in Rome, apartments Nerone Maxi and Nerone Mini,situated in an independent House in the north Area of Rome (Cassia-Thomb of Nero), 15 Area of Rome (Latium, Italy)

Apartment Nerone Maxi
(180 mq)

Apartment Nerone Mini
(35 mq)

Rome is located in the geographic Region of Lazio, with the other 5 City: Viterbo, Rieti, Frosinone and Latina, Rome is the capital of Italy because the Italian government is in the city with the Governament.
Then there's the State of Vatican City.
Services / bus links, train / metro FGR (city rail) towards Historic Center, Trastevere, San Pietro, Ostiense, FCO Airport, Train Italo

The location is ideal to visit in addition to the usual historic center of Rome also the part located to the north of Rome, (which I highly recommend), called Alto Lazio, Southern Maremma and the wonderful Tuscia (territories where once they had settled the Etruscans) . Why Lazio, the North of Rome is important for the lanscape, the art and environmental projects, as well as food? because in ancient times were the most 'beautiful residences of the nobles and patrician Roman family and Pontifical, for the Etruscan and therefore a concentration of beautiful things in art, culture, scenery, food and wine, oil and agriculture: The surroundings are peaceful, people kind. So from this accommodating located in the northern part of Rome, you will see wonderful things, imperial and papal placed in large scenarios environmentalists, landscape, still fortunately out of the globalization of the big city, try it to believe it!
The history of the house:

This house, built in the second half of 1800 was occupied in the German command during World War II, has today, renovated,with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen, a cozy tower where there is a living room with an additional sofa double bed, satellite TV, Internet wifi, computers and printer, garden, children's pool 3x4, h, 1.25,barbecue.Supermarkets and food at 10 mt, Carefour, Simply, automatic laundry dryer with service, everything is open 7 days a week 7.For lovers of golf Golf Parco di Roma, or the larger swimming pool at the country club AS Flaminio, open to everybody.. Are present in this area the Embassies of India, and the United Arab Emirates, and many international schools, so a fairly international context, in addition to many Romans who decided for "Rome out of the hust and Blust"! This area is very green and constantly monitored by conservationists that in any way seek to safeguard the two huge green spaces that are the Park of Veii and the Park dell'Insugherata, a suitable location in all seasons.

Other Public Interest in the immediate vicinity: San Pietro Hospital-Fatenefratelli, Sant'Andrea Hospital-Teatro Stabile del Giallo, Pathological Theatre, American School Marymount, Overseas, Sait Dominque French School, Irish School.Kendal School.

From Fiumicino Airport: shuttle bus to Piazza Cavour square Cavour Get bus 224 to Largo Sperlonga, stop (420) meters);

Transfer service to and from airports on request (€ 45-55);

From Termini Station and bus 64 Train / metro station FG3 up to Largo Giustiniana, then bus 201 and 223.Drop off front Carefour supermarket on the Via Cassia;

From Piazza Mancini / Milvian Bridge or the 301 bus no. 201, arrival via Cassia front Cinema Ciak, or many other buses come from the Milvian Bridge.

From Parioli (Museo Borghese) Via Mercadante bus 223;

From Ostiense station, Stazione Trastevere, San Pietro Station, Metro Valle Aurelia Metro / Train FG3 to Largo Giustiniana. (Trains / metro new FGR are beautiful, gray and blue, leave every 15 minutes, will not have to always deal with city traffic);
Car Rental: Autoeurope

I prepared a little guide to explore in addition to the Eternal City, its beautiful surroundings within a radius of no more than '70 km, with a time of 1 hour max excursion. To rent a car advice Autoeurope I just found that has prices more than affordable, less than a cab ride from the airport. You can get it to both the airports Fiumicino and Ciampino, and when not in use for the excursions you can leave it parked in our garden.To visit Rome, Centro Storico is advisable to use public transport.

Rome is the capital of the region of Lazio (Latium) which is formed by 4 other cities, Viterbo, Rieti, Frosinone, Latina. The city of Rome is surrounded by a ring road that has many outputs which is called The Great Ring Road which prevents cars to pass inside the city traffic and arrive quickly to the desired direction outputs North to South and East to West city.

Speaking of Roma Nord use exit Cassia, Cassia Veientana, Aurelia, Flaminia. This apartment is just a 3 km from the GRA.
For us, the Romans everything that is inside the Ring Road is Rome center (but not the historic center, which is the ancient heart of the city).
The Via Cassia begins in Piazza Milvian Bridge, more 'ancient bridge of Rome (also called Ponte Mollo) with the beautiful Torretta Valadier, the locks of love, you have heard ...... the vibrant nightlife, the Antiques Market which takes place every two Sundays of the month. In the same area is Piazza Mancini great hub for buses (called terminal), the Foro Italico, the Olympic Stadium and the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the Via Cassia is one of the most 'ancient Rome road and, in some places coincides with the Via Francigena used by pilgrims, especially from the beginning of the second millennium, to reach one of the holy places of the Christian religion, walking. They left England and France through the walk to get to Rome.

Aside from the historic center of Rome absorbing knowledge from all over the world for its famous monuments, I also believe that it is important to speak of the surroundings in the north of Rome, where Roman and Etruscan have left their mark on fantastic places that still are not entirely known, they call it " Secret Lazio (Latium)". Not easy to find a comprehensive guide and rationale of this area.To say the truth, until I amnot dedicated to the exploration of the true treasures of the area north of Rome I too was in the dark, but there are still others but still have not been able to visit personally all ......... like, Tuscia The Monte Soratte, also called the Mount of Mussolini to the presence of the era of World War bunker and a splendid view.

I would like to propose 15 of itineraries for the guests of this house (if they are foreigners) interesting visiting and even a little 'different from those more' traditional, classic "mass tourism hit and run", so for those who have interest in exploring Rome and the surrounding countryside, landscapes and Etruria, catacombs, cities and medieval villages, castles and lakes, hot springs and forests in the immediate vicinity of Rome, this is the suitable home.
The places that visitors are always planning to visit the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps Piazza di Spagna, but much more is left out for lack of knowledge: therefore, if you have time I recommend you do not miss out on these trips!